MoA Signing

MOA signing ceremony between IBEM (now known as National Integrated College ) with Chettinad Healthcity, India.

As a private educational institution conducting courses especially in health sector, the college is committed to provide an excellent quality of Health and Medical Sciences programmes as well as to ensure quality of teaching and learning environment. Due to that, in order to produce competitive and highly skilled healthcare professionals via qualified and experience lecturers, a mutual agreement was made between the Chettinad Healthcity, India on 14th October 2009 at the college, No.65, Jalan Raja Bot, 41400 Klang, Selangor.

Objective of student International Clinical Posting – India:

To be exposed to the international standard and more marketable
To be more competent and well verse on the clinical practice or process
Develop confident level especially communication skills to the various groups of people in the community

Why Chettinad Healthcity, India:
Student International Clinical Posting is the college additional effort to prepare and produce well train nurses professional in our country. Chettinad Healthcity is an emerging centre of excellence in healthcare education, research and patient-care which is suite to the requirement of the the college and Minister of Health Malaysia in term of expertise and facilities.

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